Kindness is always possible.

Kindness Rocks

It begins with one act of kindness.

Kid-Powered Kindness launched when my 4-year-old daughter, Annabelle, made a simple but powerful observation when the wrapping paper settled on Christmas 2014.

"Mom, we have so many toys and there are kids who don't have enough."

Annabelle decided she wanted to have a party where all of her friends, most of whom also had "so many toys," would get together and each bring a toy they didn't play with any more. Then they'd distribute the toys to kids who would appreciate them.

That January, we did just that. Our friends came together and absolutely stuffed our large vehicle with lots of fun things. The next day, Annabelle, dressed in her finest dress-up gown and tiara, delivered the collection to a grateful local nonprofit that helps young families.

She was proud. I was proud. And it was all kid-powered. Kid-Powered Kindness was born.


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